MED 896A/MED 896O Global Health Intensive Course

Global Health Intensive Course

Begun in 1982, this intensive 3-week global health/public health course aims to prepare health professionals to work in low-and-middle income countries (LMICs) by giving them the basis to analyze issues which affect health in those settings. The course is offered in an in-person (MED 896A Global Health Intensive Course) and virtual format (MED 896O Global Health Online Intensive Course).


NOTE: It is not a requirement to be enrolled at the University of Arizona or in the Global Health Distinction Track to take this course.  


The in-person course uses a small-group, interactive, problem-based format to prepare participants to work in resource-limited settings internationally and domestically. If the 3-week classroom format does not fit your schedule, consider the online version, MED 896O.  This can be completed longitudinally and is made up of individual learning modules based on the in-person materials. 

Interdisciplinary course faculty are drawn from a variety of fields, and they bring to the course their experiences and expertise. The course is great for learners (students and residents) wanting to practice in LMICs in the future, seasoned physicians who are new to global health, and can also be a refresher for healthcare professionals with more global health experience.

Covered Content:
  • Health issues in women and children
  • Tropical infectious diseases and parasitology
  • Disaster management and pandemics
  • Introduction to public health
  • Refugee and migrant healthcare
  • Border health
  • Non-communicable diseases in LMICs
  • Simulation
  • Point of Care Ultrasound

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