Medical Student Global Health Distinction Track

The Global Health Distinction Track is an academic program open to medical students in good standing at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson.

Students who complete the track will be designated at graduation as having achieved "Distinction in Global Health."

The Global Health Distinction Track introduces students to the interdisciplinary challenges of clinical and public health care in developing nations. Students will:

  • Apply evidence-based medical knowledge in health care settings around the world
  • Learn from colleagues and global health experts abroad
  • Help to overcome obstacles in resource limited settings

Students involved in this track return better prepared to advocate for health equity and to provide care to patients and communities in Arizona, the United States, and world-wide.

Global Health Distinction Track


MED 891C
Global Health Externship
(Part 1)
[6 1-hour sessions]

3-Fall &
MED 891C
Global Health Externship
(Part 2)
{international rotation]
2-4 weeks
Interprofessional Education Event        Fall               
Intersessions 1: 1.5-hour session        Fall        
Intersessions 2: 1.5-hour session     Spring           
MED 896A  [In-person]
Global Health: Intensive Course
[classroom/in-person: 3 weeks
3 credits]
prerequisite for MED 891A
      See course dates posted
 – OR –        
MED 896O  [Online]
Global Health: Online Intensive Course
[3 credits]
prerequisite for MED 891A
      Longitudinal, see course dates posted
MED 891A
Global Health Clinical Preceptorship
[4-8 weeks]
Minimum 4 weeks, Fall and Spring
Can complete at any time after Global Health Intensive Course
MED 800C
Global Health Capstone Project
[4 credits]
      Fall and Spring; advisors are assigned to guide students with their project.

Components may be subject to change with reasonable advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the global health co-directors.