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Our programs expose students to high-quality, evidence-based, interdisciplinary clinical and public health care under the resource constraints typically found in developing nations. Participants then apply this medical knowledge to health care situations around the world, learning from colleagues and experts abroad in the fields of clinical tropical medicine, nutrition and public health.

These equal partnerships are aimed at promoting health equity here and abroad through the shared development of best practices. Students involved in these programs return better prepared to provide care to patients and communities in Arizona and the Southwest border region, elsewhere in the US, or globally.

Global Health Curriculum

Global Health: Clinical and Community Care

This 3 week, interactive course is open to medical students, residents, and other health care students, residents and faculty interested in serving in Low and Middle Income Countries of the world.  Please go to the Clinical Course menu option above to link to the details of this course, which began in 1982 and now has 700 alumni.

Global Health Distinction Track for University of Arizona Medical students

The Global Health Distinction Track is an academic program open to medical students at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson.

The Distinction Track introduces students to the interdisciplinary challenges of clinical and public health care in developing nations. Students will:

  • Apply evidence-based medical knowledge in health care settings around the world
  • Learn from colleagues and global health experts abroad
  • Help to overcome obstacles in resource limited settings

Students involved in this track return better prepared to advocate for health equity and to provide care to patients and communities in Arizona, United States, and around the world.

Global Health Forum

This is a student run organization that aims to keep medical students informed and involved in global health issues at home and abroad.  For more information please follow link to their web page.   More about GHF

Mission to Heal

The documentary provides an in depth look at the global health and how the program at the University of Arizona is different.

Current Issues

Ebola: What are we learning? In Africa? In America?

On Monday, Aug 10, 2015, Dr. Ron Pust introduced a panel to discuss Ebola with physicians experienced in the field during the recent outbreak.  Tom Kenyon, MD, MPH (director Center for Global Health, CDC), Theresa Cullen, MD (Sierra Leone with Partners in Health), Craig Spencer, MD, MPH (Guinea with MSF). and Ron Pust, MD (Liberia with PIH).  You can watch the video-streamed discussion at

The Forgotten Plague. American Experience PBS

The battle against tuberculosis had a profound and lasting impact on the country. It shaped medical and scientific pursuits, social habits, economic development, western expansion, and government policy. Yet both the disease and its impact are poorly understood: in the words of one writer, tuberculosis is our "forgotten plague."