MED 891A Global Health Clinical Preceptorship

Global Health Preceptorship

This 4-8 week clinical preceptorship provides the student with participation in clinical and public health care under faculty supervision in low-to-middle income countries. Emphasis is on understanding local health problems and combined clinical and community approaches to them. Our preferred sites are district level hospitals, especially those with community health programs.


Prerequisite:  MED 896A Global Health Intensive Course OR MED 896O Global Health Online Intensive Course
Open to 4th year medical students at the University of Arizona.

Clinical Preceptorship Sites

We maintain a database of evaluated sites on the Learning Sites tab but often approve sites suggested by students if those facilities meet preceptorship objectives. The latest evaluation date can be found above the full evaluation for each country.

Learning Site Search

Site Evaluation

For the site in which you are interested, complete the Clinical Site Approval Form and email to the global health coordinator. Regardless of whether it is an existing site or a new site, students must get approval from the global health co-director(s). Once the site has been approved, a Student Elective Selection Form should be completed and sent to the global health coordinator.


The number of credits earned for this course depends on the number of weeks in the rotation (1 week = 1 credit). A minimum of 4 weeks is required. 

Requirements for rotation:

  1. Essay of International Experience
  2. GeoJournal
  3. Completion of the online site evaluation 
  4. Submission of UA grade form