MED 800C Global Health Capstone


To ensure rigorous analysis of one clinical disease or community health problem in global health practice, each global health distinction track student will complete a capstone paper.  It will be fully referenced in publishable style, typically in “meta-analysis” format. The topic, preferably drawn from that student’s field experiences in this track, will be approved by the program co-directors.

Students will complete the 800 COM Independent Study Form and include a short description of the capstone project.  

Include in the description:

  • Title of the capstone paper.
  • Form of the final project (e.g., research paper, meta-analysis of a specific global health problem, global health ethical or issue analysis based on personal narrative/experience, application and analysis of a method/protocol in a specific global health setting, etc.).
  • Short summary of the paper.

After the form and short summary have been submitted:

  • An advisor will be assigned to guide the student through the project.
  • The student will meet with their advisor to discuss the project.
  • Determine a timeline for completion.
  • The advisor will grade the paper and submit an evaluation to the global health coordinator.

Conducting Research for your Global Health Capstone Video >>