Distinction Tracks

The medical student Global Health Distinction Track & schedule will be EASIER to schedule and COMPLETE in your new Accelerated 18 Month Curriculum

The GOOD news is that the Global Health Distinction Track [all of its 4 Elements] will be EASIER /more flexible to schedule and complete than under the current curriculum adopted in 2010.  

Largely this is due to the fact the 10 weeks for Personalized Active Learning (PAL)  allows you 2-4 week 1st year Global Health Field experience anytime during those 10 weeks.

The other GOOD news is that with a longer Year 4,  you and the GH track directors will have more flexibility in scheduling Elements 3,4,5 [3 week course, GH Preceptorship and Capstone] of the GHDT, all of which are in Year 4 [and give you 12 (or more depending on length of Preceptorship) weeks of real credit toward Graduation in 2021.

If you plan to do more than one Distinction Track, let us know so we can help you overcome any conflicts with your class times and rotation. 

Medical Student Track

The Global Health Distinction Track is an academic program open to medical students at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson beginning in second semester of Year 1. The distinction track introduces students to the interdisciplinary challenges of clinical and public health care in developing nations.

Medical Residency Track

Several Residency programs at the University of Arizona College of Medicine have their own Global Health Distinction Tracks