Preceptorship: Financial Assistance

University of Arizona medical students who take both MED896A (Global Health: Clinical and Community Care) and MED891A (Global Health preceptorship) are eligible for funding from several funds.  Contact Arleen Heimann for more information.

The following list of national organizations may be able to help you with funding for your global health experience. 

National organizations

AMSA Scholarship with Child Family Health International

We have specific awards available for members of the American Medical Student Association.  We give away 3-$1000 awards annually.  Members should apply by clicking here.  Watch for the application deadline for late summer or early fall.

American Medical Women's Association (AWHS) Overseas Assistance Grant

The AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant provides assistance with transportation costs (airfare, train travel, etc.) up to $1500 connected with pursuing medical studies in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit. Must be an AMWA second, third, or fourth year student or resident member from an accredited US medical school. Spend at least 6 weeks in a sponsored program which will serve the medically underserved. Apply a minimum of 3 months prior to departure. Deadline for application is in January - decision by March.

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Benjamin Kean Travel Fellowship

Application deadline is mid-March. Administered by ASTMH Clinical Group, provides round trip airfare and up to $1000 toward living expenses. Application period is in February, with deadline beginning of March. You must be a North American medical student at the time of application, propose an elective in clinical tropical medicine with at least one month at a site endemic for tropical communicable diseases.

CDC — Hubert Global Health Fellowship

Hubert fellows spend 6-12 weeks in a developing country working on a priority health problem with CDC staff. Apply in 2nd or 3rd year of medical school. You must be a 3rd- or 4th-year medical student during the time you participate.

Child Family Health International (CFHI) Scholarships

An NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Provides global health immersion programs involving 1-3 month internships with physicians working in underserved communities, in programs in more than 20 sites throughout Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mexico and South Africa. 

Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA) - Must be a member of CMDA for many of these grants

CMDA offers a program of grants-in-aid through the James S. Westra Memorial Endowment Fund that provides selected medical/dental students with clinical experiences of two weeks or more in mission settings in developing countries. The awards cover transportation and project-related expenses up to $1000. Applicants must be a CMDA member, a third or fourth year medical/dental student enrolled in a traditional four-year program, be able to show financial need.

Application deadlines: April 1, August 1 and December 1.

Mission Scholarships offered through CMDA 

Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship

This fellowship is ideal for students planning for a career in global health research, and students with clinical experience are best suited for the fellowship, though 2nd through 4th year students can apply.

Fogarty Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars

Each research Fellowship will be for a one year period. The term begins with an intensive orientation program on the NIH campus followed by approximately 10+ months of intense research training at the international site. Deadline early April.

The GE/NMF Medical Scholars Elective (a/k/a National Medical Fellowships)

Deadline in mid-February. Watch website for details.

A key NMF initiative is mentored externships that focus on improving the educational experiences of minority medical students that can also increase access of underserved populations to quality healthcare delivery. The GE/NMF Medical Scholars Program enhances the knowledge skills and competencies of health professionals serving a diverse client population nationally and globally, provides a program model of mentored externship experiences for 4th year US minority medical students, and improves patient care in partner countries. GE/NMF Medical Scholars complete a two-month elective in Ghana or Kenya, that focuses on critical regional health care needs.

This two-month clinical/public health elective is conducted in district hospitals, and focuses on critical health care issues such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer, and infant mortality. 

Sara's Wish Scholarship Fund
  • Awarded to young women commited to making the world a better place. Preliminary applications (online) are reviewed from October through January.
  • Currently only previous award recipients are allowed to apply.


These are funding sites within the University of Arizona for UA students


University of Arizona Travel Grants (GPSC)

Contact the Travel Grants Program prior to applying to get details. The student's statement and the faculty letter of recommendation should explicity explain the importance for the student's professional development. Very competitive. Students can get up to $750 to cover travel costs from this. 


Additional resources

Preparing for Global Health Work as a Family Physician

AAFP Global Health Education for Medical Student and Residents

How to Plan, Prepare for, and Maximize an International Health Rotation

Stephens, ST. AAFP Family Medicine Residents and Students National Conference; Jule 31, 2010.

International Education Financial Aid

IEFA is a resource for financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for US and international students wishing to study abroad. This is a place to search for scholarships.

University of Washington funding list

A list put together by UW with details for application.

STA Travel USA

For assistance in finding low cost flights.