Capstone Project - MED 800C

Element 5 of the Global Health Distinction Track

Each student in the Global Health Distinction Track completes a Capstone Project as the final element in the track. This is typically a meta-analysis paper, fully-referenced and in publishable format. The topic is drawn from the student's experiences in the Global Health Distinction Track. Each student also completes an oral examination on the topic of their capstone project.

Global Health Distinction Track Capstone Project: MED 800C Link to College of Medicine course description


4 graduation credits.


Anytime during Year IV, prior to graduation.


You will meet as a group with Dr. Ron Pust and Tracy Carroll, to discuss the Capstone Project in general.

By September 1 send your assigned Mentor:

Title of your GHDT Capstone project:
How the project relates [if it does] to what you have encountered during your past or expected Year IV experiences in the GHDT.
If you are also in the MD-MPH program:  How the GH Capstone Project differs from your MPH internship [and how it might relate to your goals in the MD-MPH program]
Some idea on the form of the final project written product:   [e.g., research-type paper, meta-analysis of a specific GH problem, GH ethical or “issue” analysis based on personal narrative/experience, application  and analysis of a method/protocol in a specific GH setting, etc.]

By Oct 1 [and after you have submitted the info above]:

Meet individually with your Mentor to discuss your project
Bring your Mentor a copy of your Year IV rotation [and residency interview] schedule if that is helpful as we plan your timeline
Propose a timeline for staged completion of Capstone [I expect to do the oral exam on it before the end of April]
Register for 4 weeks credit (Fall Semester) in MED 800C.  The Capstone can be spread out as per your individual schedules from Sept-April.

We realize that Year IV can be paradoxically both relaxed and busy—and that [finally!] you have some choice and flexibility in your medical education.

So our goals for your Capstone of the Global Health Distinction Track will include

  • Rigorous quality
  • Specific timelines
  • Flexibility