Application Process


You can apply for the Global Health: Clinical and Community Care course in one of two ways:

Apply Here
Complete our online application

Apply by mail

Print an application and submit it by mail

Course application Print PDF

Course application  Print Word Doc

Application due date

August15. The sooner the better, however.

Mailing address

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Office of Global and Border Health
1533 E Mabel St
Tucson AZ 85719

Information for non-USA applicants

We accept participants from the USA and Canada.  Applications from residents of other countries will be on a case-by-case basis.

University of Arizona

Admission into this course is not an acceptance into the University of Arizona or any of its Colleges. There is a separate process for those who wish to pursue other courses of study at the University of Arizona. However, it is NOT necessary nor expected that you will seek admission to the Univ of Arizona in order to take this course in global health.

Information about Visa - USA visitor's visa

You need to obtain a regular/visitor/tourist visa to come into the USA. You do not need a student visa. If you wish, we can supply you by email with a printable letter stating your acceptance into this course. We are not able to help you with any other paperwork or funding.


In addition to your transportation expenses, your housing likely will be about $150 (US dollars) per week. Food and meals would be additional, of course.  The Course Fee is $475; The only current exception to this fee is for medical students enrolled in other LCME medical schools in the USA and Canada, since we have informal tuition-waiver agreements with LCME medical schools.