Global Health: Clinical and Community Care - MED896A

Element 2 of the Global Health Distinction Track

Open to all who have a clinical interest in Global Health. You do not need to be enrolled at the University of Arizona nor in the Global Health Distinction Track to participate in this course.

The University of Arizona global health course, begun in 1982 and revised annually, is a multidisciplinary, case-based, problem-solving course preparing clinical students and residents for health care experiences in developing countries.

Open to medical students during their final year and primary care residents and physicians. Also open to other health care students, residents and graduates.

This is a full-time (~70 class hours), interactive course. Faculty are experienced clinicians from several departments at the University of Arizona or elsewhere. Visiting medical students receive up to four weeks' elective credit at their home school (which must also arrange the actual overseas preceptorship).

We believe this is one of the most specific and useful preparations for North American senior medical students, residents, and public health students planning a field experience in a developing nation. Our commitment is to evidence-based clinical and public health - with most of the content derived from WHO and international sources.


Global Health: Clinical & Community Care (MED896A)

Description: Providing the core content needed to serve wisely abroad, this full-time, 3-week course functions either as a free-standing course or within a global health track at your home institution. This is a practical, intensive course for senior medical students, residents, physicians, nurses and other clinical care professionals and students.  

MED 896A  Global Health: Clinical and Community Care: Link to College of Medicine course description