Organizations and Programs

As you prepare for your Global Health experience, make a list of your expectations and goals. Do you speak any other languages? Do you need a place where they speak English? Are you looking specifically for a primary care/district hospital?

About this list

This is a partial list of organizations that have programs in various areas of the world. The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson does not maintain a direct relationship with any of these organizations or programs, although faculty members are familiar with most of them.

We also list a number of medical schools with links to sites. Some are programs within that medical school and you will have to contact that school for more details.

When known, general information about the health care services offered is included below. Website addresses are also listed. Check program websites for more details.

About religiously affiliated sites

While many of the programs are affiliated with religious organizations, some are less strict than others about your beliefs. Don't eliminate them from your search just because they have mission in their titles.

Other places to find a site

This is not the only way to secure a site. The best starting point for UAz CoM students is our password protected Rotations Abroad (see link at left). Second best is this list.

Finally, if you do not find here what you want, you can search on your own. The most important factor in selection of any site is how well it meets the stated goals of the Externship (preclinical) or Preceptorship (clinical years).

Organizations and programs

Accordia: (Africa - Malawi and Uganda)

  • Probably best for PreClinical and Public Health - research oriented.
  • Infectious Diseases Institute, Uganda
  • The Institute for Child Wellness in Agrica, Malawi

African Inland Mission (AIM) Medical Missions: (Africa - Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Democratic Repubilc of the Congo,  Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Madagascar)

  • 4th-year medical students and public health students.
  • Medical Ministry

ALDEA (formerly Behrhorst Partners for Development): (Guatemala)

  • Possible PreClinical and Public Health opportunities. Contact them directly.
  • Family Planning, Nurtrion Education, Water and Sanitation
  • In 2015, name changed to ALDEA - Advanced Local Development thought Empowerment and Action

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA): (Nepal, Uganda, Haiti, Amazon River)

Amigos de los Americos(South America - Colombia)

  • Public Health projects; contact about volunteering in medical clinic
  • Possible PreClinical projects with Spanish immersion
  • College Program focused on health promotion and disease prevention

AMOS Community-Based Primary Health Care: (Central America - Nicaragua)

  • Pre-Clinical Medical students, Public Health students, and Clinical students welcome

ASAPROSAR: Salvadoran Assoication for Rural Health  (Central America - El Salvador)

  • Booklet about programs - pdf
  • Contact about specific programs - preclinical and clinical students, public health students

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism: (Africa - Togo, The Gambia; Asia - Bangladesh, Southeast Asia)

  • Medical Mission

Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Service: (Africa - Cameroon)

  •  Clinical Medical Students, Residents and Volunteers. 
  •  Choice of 6 hospitals and many health clinics

Child Family Health International (CFHI): (South America - Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador; Africa -  Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania; Asia - India; North America - Mexico, Pacific - Philippines)

  • A variety of programs. Email CFHI to get details.
  • Programs for preclinical and clinical medical, residents and public health students
  • Check deadlines - 4 per year
  • Scholarships available

Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK): (Kenya) 

Christian Medical And Dental Associations (CMDA): (multiple sites)
Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF): (multiple sites)
  • Medical Electives - check out their organization database
CIDRZ (Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia): (Zambia) (website responding very slow 1/17/17)
  • PreClinical, Clinical and Public Health Opportunities
The Cinterandes Foundation: (Ecuador)
  •  Opportunities for Foreign Students:
  •  Mobile Surgery, Health Centers, Integral Healthcare Programs, Family Health, River Health.
  •  Accepts Clinical Medical students (contact them about preclnical and public health)
Comprehensive Rural Health Project: (Jamkhed, India)
  •  Accepts Preclinical and Clinical Medical Students and Public Health Students. 
  •  Check out Approach tab for Mobile Health Team and Hospital and Training Center
Curamericas Global, Inc: (Latin America)
  •  Accepts Clinical Medical students and Public Health students
Doctors for Global Health: (multiple sites)
  • Accepts preclinical and clinical medical students, and residents
EMMS International: (Malawi, India, Nepal)
  • Opportunities for medical and other health-related students.
Emmanuel Hospital Association: (India)

Friends Without a Border: (Cambodia, Laos)

(The) Gambia (Banjul and beyond) Medical Research Council [U.K.]: (The Gambia)
  •  Preclinical and Clinical medical students, and MD-MPH
  •  Global Health Research

HCJB Global: Now called Reach Beyond (multiple sites)

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO): (multiple sites)
  • Mostly for residents and professionals but contact if you have an interest to see if an opening.
Highlands Foundation: (Papua New Guinea)
  • Opportunities for clinical medical students
Hillside Healthcare International: (Belize)
  • Some opportunities for clinical medical students and residents but best for 2nd year students
  • Starting a new Public Health Field Study Program
Hopital Albert Schweitzer: (Haiti)
  • Not clear on website about whether they take preclinical or clinical students.
Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC): (Dominican Republic)
  • Access Programs on menu for specific sites and dates
  • There are options for clinical and preclinical students and for other than primary care.
InterServe USA: (Nepal, Bangladesh, other southeast Asian countries)

InterHealth South America: (Ecuador)

  • Clinical work and Medical Spanish
  • Specific programs for PreClinical studens is in June or July each year - see website for specific dates
International Health Care Volunteers: (multiple sites)
  • Short term medical relief projects
  • Check individual projects listed and contacts to see if they will take clinical students.
Kids Worldwide: (Ghana)
  •  Work in village clinics. AMURT Village Project.
  •  Other non-clinical projects also available
Lady Willingdon Hospital: (Manali, India)
  • Medical Electives - Provides general information about elective.
  • You are there as an observer only.
Machame Hospital: (Tanzania)
Missions for PreMedical and Medical Students: (multi)
  •  List of Missions with opportunites for Preclinical and Clinical medical students
Mission Hospitals list - (Africa, Asia, latina America, South Pacific)
  • Provided by World Medical Mission
  • You don't need to go through WMM to apply to these hospitals
Monteverde Institute: (Costa Rica)
  •  Opportunities for PreClnical medical students and Public Health students
Northwest Medical Team: (multiple sites)
  • A Christian global health organization.
  • Team based - medical students, interns and residents.
Operation Crossroads Africa: (Africa)
  •  Africa Program: Application deadline is Feb 1 : 6 weeks of work and 1 week of travel
  •  Opportunites for PreClinical and Clinical medical students and Public Health students
Partners in Health: (multiple sites)
  • Volunteer opportunities but website does not speifically offer any for students. Contact to find out.
Pro-Health International (PHI):  (Malawi, Niger, Burundi)
Project HOPE: (multiple sites)
  • Delivers essential medicines and supplies, health expertise and medical training to respond to disaster, prevent disease, promote wellness and save lives around the globe.
  • Volunteer for specific projects
Project Medishare: (Haiti)
Projects Abroad: (multiple sites)
Quito Clinical Rotations through Ohio University College of Medicine: (Ecuador)
  •  Program for 3rd and 4th year medical students
  •  Check website for specific dates
Serving in Mission (SIM): (USA, multiple sites)
  •  Christian organization - looking for volunteers. Contact about specific areas of service.
Shirati Health, Education and Development (SHED) Foundation: (Tanzania)
  • Elective opportunities for medical and nursing students and residents
Students for International Mission Service (SIMS): (multiple sites) 
  •  Look under "Got a Week?" for 1-2 week trips and "Got a Month?" for Mission Elective
  •  Associated with Loma Linda Univeristy.
  •  Clinical Medical Students and Residents
Terma Foundation: (Tibet)
USAID Global Health Fellows Program II (2 year commitment) for Residents and Professionals
  • Work in a variety of global health techinicalareas ranging from maternal and chld health to nutriton to HIV/AIDS
  • Work full time for 2 years  - Fellowships available  - Eligibility requirements
  • Also available is an internship program with USAID - application deadline in December
Village Volunteers: (Kenya, Ghana, India, Nepal, and Belize)
  • Opportunities for Preclinical and Clinical medical students and Public Health students

Volunteer in Africa: (Ghana)
  •  Many voluteer opportunities. Check website for details.
  •  Preclinical and Clinical Medical Students, Public Health students and other volunteers
WONCA - Global Family Doctor Mongolia: (Russian Federation, Uganda, Lebanon, China)
  • Informational website - doesn't have specific clinics listed
  • WONCA Groups -> Young Doctors Movements
World Medical Mission -
  • Places Christian physicians,dentists and other medical professionals
  • Resident Assistance Fund - assist talented and dedicated medical residents from the United States and Canada
  • Post-Residency Program - 2-year program immediately folloing residency or fellowship

Other Databases to check

American Association of Family Physicians:   Serivce Opportunities for Students and Residents

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

CDC - Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS)

  • Apply in your 2nd or 3rd year of medical school - Application deadline is early December

CDC - Coordinating Office for Global Health

  •  Open to preclinical and clinical students, public health students

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)


United States and Canadian medical schools with Global Health programs and electives

Baylor Electives Abroad
Boston University Family Medicine Global Health Collaborative
Brown Medical International Health Electives -  for 2nd year residents
Case Western Reserve. Center for Global Health and Diseases
Cornell Global Health electives
Creighton University - ILAC
Dartmouth Blog (has reviews from students of specific sites)
Dartmouth World Health Volunteer Opportunties - list of organizations and programs
George Washington University International Medicine Programs and electives
Loma Linda University International Programs
Ohio University - Global Health Initiative
University of Alberta Global Health
University of California San Francisco Global Health Sciences
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Global Health Elective
University of Maryland, Tropical Medicine in Belize
University of North Carolina Office of International Activities
University of Washington : Department of Global Health
Vanderbilt International Health electives - Global Research

Other Resources

Centers for Disease Control -

Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH):

Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) > Resources

  • Does not have a list of sites but has many resources to help you prepare

US State Department ;

          Alerts and Warnings -

Stephens, ST. How to Plan, Prepare for, and Maximize an International Health Rotation. AAFP Family Medicine Residents and Students National Conference; Jule 31, 2010.

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